Firewood Sales

Tree Pruning Dallas TX - Tree Trimming, Tree Removal - Hallmark Tree Service - p_firewood_1100% seasoned hardwood, delivered & stacked for you. Burns and smells great. Cord measurements: 128 cubic feet for a full cord and 64 cubic feet for a half cord.
Prices Are:
1/4 Cord 4'x4'x20": $149
1/2 Cord 8'x4'x20": $249
1 Cord 16'x4'x20": $349

All of our wood is ready to burn. Buy today and burn it tonight to stay warm!
We have been serving the DFW metroplex for 7 years. Buy from a reputable source who will be here tomorrow. We deliver and stack all over Dallas, Ft. Worth, and surrounding cities. Call us to see if you are in our delivery area.
We specialize in customer satisfaction...we are your trusted source for your Indoor and outdoor wood burning needs.
You have many choices when it comes to buying firewood. When making your selection, Hallmark Tree Solutions recommends the following tips and guidelines to choosing great wood — wood that's easy to start and light and will bring long-lasting warmth to your family.
Make Sure the Wood is Seasoned
Seasoned firewood will have cracks and weighs much less than green (fresh) wood. Green wood is hard to start and light due to the moisture in the wood from the sap and water still in the tree. Seasoned wood will ignite and burn much more easily and will cause fewer problems because it is dry.
Make Sure Your Wood is Stacked Properly
Cross stacking is not proper stacking for firewood. According to the State of Texas: 'Firewood is to be stacked in a manner that the logs lay parallel with each other and stacked the proper length and height for Cord or Half cord measurement. The wood must be tightly stacked as to not allow large holes or gaps in the stack'.
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